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  • Boarding

    Stonepine Equestrian Center is a full-service horse boarding stable and training facility.
    For $800 to $1200 per month, horse owners are offered:

    ~ Three daily feedings of grass and/or alfalfa hay (up to five flakes total)
    ~ Once daily cleaning
    ~ Twelve-by-twelve fully-bedded box stalls and eighteen by eighteen 1/4 bedded stalls  includes 2 hour day-time turnout in grass and dirt fields 
    ~ Twelve-by-thirty-six half-bedded covered paddocks with automatic watering system (turnouts not included)
    ~ 24-hour horse supervision
    ~ Personalized gate code to enter the estate & boarding stables
    ~ Unfettered access to all Stonepine Equestrian Trails, Arenas and 4-furlong track

    For additional cost horse owners may personalize their horse care with exercising,
    fly masking, blanketing, grain feedings, and full care-taking while you are out of